Mineral Processing Agent Export


The mineral processing agent produced by a company in Guangxi is rated as Class 8 major hazard and Class 6 sub-hazard, with main component of ammonium cyanate. These products are dual-hazardous, so there are exacting requirements for space booking and Certification for Packaging of Dangerous Goods. The company encountered great difficulties in certification application procedure. They contacted our company after learning from their friend to arrange goods shipping from Nansha, Shenzhen and other terminals. For the products we proposed the following export solutions:

1. The goods were packed in combination, including inner and outer packaging; the inner packaging is no more than 5kg/bag and the outer packaging no more than 30kg/bag, so as not to apply for the Certification for Packaging of Dangerous Goods.

2. When the goods were exported in Nansha and Shenzhen for the first time, we confirmed all the documents and pre-declaration information with the customs at each port in advance, so as to avoid any problems during the export.

3. According to the requirements of the announcement, the classification and identification report, material safety data sheet, GHS label and other documents should be acquired.

4. The goods were delivered from Guangxi to our Guangzhou DG warehouse. Vehicle-to-vehicle loading was employed to save more rental costs.

5. Customs declaration documents and maritime declaration documents were prepared in advance, and the goods were declared in time after loading.

6. Due to the high single export volume of goods, our company booked sufficient space with the shipowner in advance to ensure that the goods could be loaded in time.

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