Cleaning Agent Export


A large-sized enterprise in Zhongshan is specialized in the production of various types of kitchen cleaning products, most of which are corrosive and classified as Class 8 dangerous goods in international transport. Due to the diversity of product packaging and the difficulties in handling the Certification for Packaging of Dangerous Goods, the export arrangement of goods is greatly affected, with high costs. They contacted our company after learning from other companies. After a visit to the factory, we made a detailed analysis of their products and provided high-quality export solutions, which were accepted by the customer.

1. Goods Information and Analysis

1. The goods were packed in various forms, such as 180KG PVC drum, 25KG plastic drum, 80KG plastic drum and 5L or less plastic bottle + carton.

2. The goods are classified into different models, with inconsistent component of each model, and some models are products included in the catalog of hazardous chemicals.

3. In foreign orders, various models were required each time, which is relatively miscellaneous.

II. Solutions

1. For individual UN products above 5L, assist the customer in handling the Certification for Transport of Dangerous Goods to Identify the Results of Single-use Packaging.

2. For products of 5L or less, the packaging should meet the requirements of limited packaging as far as possible.

3. For hazardous chemicals, assist the customer in application for the electronic data of original account.

4. Arrange professional loading supervisors at the site to supervise the loading, classify the goods and attach various UN labels.

5. According to the product packaging, take effective reinforcing measures on site, and satisfy stowage and segregation requirements when DG is mixed with general cargo.

6. For acidity and alkalinity, satisfy the segregation requirements for dangerous goods of different dangers in the container.

7. Accurately submit the documents for space application to the shipping company.

8. Arrange the customs declaration and maritime declaration on time.

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