Lithium Battery Export


A battery manufacturer exported batteries to Hamburg, Germany for the first time and was not familiar with the export documentation and procedures, so they contacted our company by Internet for export assistance. After detailed discussion with the battery manufacturer according to the actual conditions of the goods, we provided the following export solutions and ensured the products were exported successfully.

1. Goods Information:

1. Lithium battery is rated as Class 9 dangerous goods.

2. Lithium battery is not hazardous chemical.

3. The manufacturer is required to apply for the Inspection Results of Entry-Exit Goods Packaging Performance and the Certification for Transport of Chemical Goods to Identify the Results of Single-use Packaging to the local customs departments in China according to the packaging requirements of TDG.

4. UN38.3 test report and MSDS are required for lithium batteries export.

II. Manufacturer Information

1. It was the first time for the manufacturer to export their products and they dont have the right for import and export business.

2. The manufacturer doesnt know well the packaging requirement for DG for the very first time.

3. The manufacturer is unfamiliar with the export procedures.

We provide the following solutions:

1. Assist the manufacturer in going through the formalities for customs registration and import and export business qualification.

2. Assist customers in acquisition of the Inspection Results of Entry-Exit Goods Packaging Performance.

3. Assist customers in application to the Customs for use appraisal of packaging for export dangerous goods.

4. Book space with the shipping company in advance during certificate processing, as the shipping space to Europe is in great demand. 

5. Arrange DG trucks to the factory to load goods, and supervise the loading and reinforcement professionally.

6. Make maritime declarations to customs and maritime departments on time.

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