Operation Cases of Class 2 Dangerous Goods


A building materials company specializes in the production of foaming agents, with packaging method of compressing the product into a small pressure vessel by gas compression. In the past, its goods were exported as general goods. When the goods were inspected by the customs at the port, they were considered as concealed dangerous goods, and the goods were returned on site and this company imposed a high fine.

They contacted our company by Internet, and then brought samples and other data to our office for initial confirmation. Our professional staff initially identified the product as the dangerous goods of Category 2.1 UN1950, but not included in the catalogue of dangerous chemicals as per the goods analysis.

In accordance with the IMDG Code and the No. 129 Announcement issued by the General Administration of Customs, as well as the regulations on material safety data sheet and precautionary label for industrial chemical, we rectified the customer's packaging, and proposed the following export solutions:

· 1. The packaging of the goods falls within the scope of limited quantity packaging, which eliminates the cumbersome procedure to acquire the Inspection Results of Entry-Exit Goods Packaging Performance and the Certification for Transport of Chemical Goods to Identify the Results of Single-use Packaging.

· 2. There are no special requirements for the customs supervision conditions for exporting the goods and we only need to delcare them with general export documents

· 3. We should provide accurate booking data of dangerous goods and book the space with the shipping company.

· 4.The goods shall be properly reinforced and supervised during the loading process, and the relevant DG LABELS shall be attached according to the export requirements of dangerous goods.

After our specific analysis and operation, the goods were safely exported and our solutions were recognized by the foreign consignee.

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