Taking training lessons for IMDG CODE


In 2021, in order to improve our colleagues' professional knowledge of dangerous goods, we arranged for our colleagues to participate in IMDG CODE training courses and IMDG CODE training.

 Training lessons


IMDG CODE, an international maritime dangerous goods regulation promulgated by the International Maritime Organization, is formulated to protect the transportation safety of ships and prevent marine pollution. Every country has revised its relevant laws and regulations according to IMDG CODE. IMDG CODE covers some regulations that shipping-related industries and shipping service personnel may encounter and use.

Only those who have gone through the training course, constantly learn and consolidate new knowledge, and finally pass the IMDG CODE exam can get a certificate.

Training lessons


During the training, the lecturer shared a lot of professional knowledge about dangerous goods with us, which enriched our knowledge about dangerous goods and made us more professional in the operation of dangerous goods in the future. The training contents were many, such as:


1. Some knowledge about IMO Class 2 dangerous goods, because as a Spray Paint, Refrigerator shipping export, and Flammable Gas shipping agent. Its our duty to know how to identify whether cargo is under limited quantity or not, in this situation DG package can be exempted from export documents.

2. We also come to know about some regulations about our DG package certification, in China, DG package certification is compulsory for dangerous goods in the process of exporting. Being a professional dangerous goods export shipping company, we should remind customer of all possible documents required for DG exporting. Please check below DG package certification sample from below.


As a professional dangerous goods export company, we have rich and expert knowledge of dangerous goods, which enables us to handle dangerous goods with ease.

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